A 16ft Pokémon Christmas tree is on display in London -.

It’s actually Christmas time already, as we all know. Once the spooky season is over, it’s time to put up the Christmas decorations and start consuming shocking amounts of mince pies, and The Pokémon Company fully understands that too.

Because the pocket monster company has now announced that it has erected a massive 5-meter Christmas tree in the North Atrium of Westfield London, and it is not decorated with lights, tinsel or baubles, but instead more than 800 Pokémon hugs.

The tree will be on display from today until Dec. 4 (which is odd to take it down when the holidays are well underway), meaning you can head to the mall to catch a glimpse of this stuffed toy canker.

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A 16ft Pokémon Christmas tree can be seen in London

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