40% discount on items like HDMI cables, USB hubs and more

At Amazon there are now great basics articles much cheaper.

At Amazon there are now great basics articles much cheaper.

Amazon Basics should be familiar to many. These are Amazon’s own brands of different products. From cables for PCs and TVs to fitted sheets to bags and curtains, almost everything is available from Amazon Basics.

Now there is a very special offer on Amazon. Under the slogan Save with Brands you can now buy selected Amazon Basics items and receive a 40 percent discount. In total there are over 1,000 items being discounted as part of the promotion.

Discover the Amazon Basics sale

How to get the discount: On the product page of the selected product, you may still have to activate the 40 percent discount. Put a corresponding tick in the selection box. Then put one of the participating products from Amazon Basics in the shopping cart. The discount is then automatically deducted from the purchase price at checkout.

You have to note that: The 40 percent discount will only be applied if you only have one Amazon Basics item in your shopping cart. If there are two in it, the discount will not be applied correctly. If you want to order several items, you will probably have to order them individually. If necessary, the problem will also be resolved in the meantime.

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The promotion is valid for as long as: You can benefit from the 40 percent discount on Amazon Basics until May 15, 2023.

You can buy this from Amazon Basics

Amazon Basics is available in almost every product category on Amazon. Of course, the special offer is interesting for buying things that you would like to have in stock or to fill up. For example, filaments for 3D printers, cables for different devices, batteries, LED lights, towels or simply hangers. Below we have linked a few specific Amazon Basics items that you can buy on offer with a 40 percent discount.

  • Amazon Basics 3D printer filament made of PLA, 1.75 mm, 1 kg spool for €14.57 instead of €24.29
  • Amazon Basics HDMI 2.0 cable with a length of 0.9m and 4.6m, 2x pieces for €12.60 instead of €21.01
  • AmazonCommercial – DT-827V infrared thermometer with dual laser for €21.88 instead of €36.47
  • Amazon Basics children’s coat hangers with velvet cover, pack of 50 for €9.51 instead of €15.86
  • Amazon Basics – USB hub, USB-A 3.1 with 7 ports and power adapter for €23.09 instead of €38.49
  • Amazon Basics – Over-ear headphones for kids, with limited volume for €20.18 instead of €33.64
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Discover the Amazon Basics sale

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