3 popular products from Dedeman’s offer, available at a reduced price

Dedeman has published new discounted products on its website, including some popular ones with positive customer reviews.

A DigiTOP voltage protection relay with socket can be purchased at Dedeman for 119 lei (up from 134 lei previously). It can be used to protect electronics in stormy weather or in places where the electricity grid is not stable.

The relay automatically disconnects and switches on the voltage if it rises beyond the permitted limits. The allowable limits and delay time are set by the user from the relay’s physical buttons.

An Absaar brand car battery rectifier, compatible with 12 or 24 V batteries (lead-acid, gel, AGM), is available for 199 lei, down from 212 lei. The device measures 30 x 18.5 x 7.2 cm and weighs 821 grams.

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Absaar auto rectifier available at Dedeman.

Information is shown on an LCD display. The rectifier can charge batteries with a maximum capacity of 180 Ah.

Another popular product available at a discount is the Profi 10945R car compressor. The unit has a digital display and automatically disengages when it reaches optimum pressure. Inflation time for a 2.3 bar tire is about 3 minutes.

Compressor includes LED flashlight and several adapters, including for inflating balls and air mattresses. The product is priced at 149 lei, down from 164 lei.

Photo: Dedeman.ro

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