15 retail CBDCs in circulation in 2030, according to BIS

According to Bank for International Settlements, 15 central banks could issue a central bank digital currency (CBDC) for individuals by 2030.

The bank of central banks, the BISon Monday published a survey of central bank digital currenciesabbreviated CBDC or MNBC.

According to the Bank for International Settlementsthe majority of central bankers (93%) are now “engaged in some form of work” around central bank digital currenciesand more than half of them are running concrete experiments or working on a pilot.

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Most 86 central banks see potential interest in retail (individuals) and wholesale (banks and corporates) CBDCs. According to the BIS, there could be 15 retail CBDCs and 9 CBDC wholesale in circulation in 2030.

The survey further shows that, to date, stablecoins and other crypto-assets are rarely used for payments outside the crypto ecosystem,” says the financial organization.

A few countries, such as China and Nigeria, have begun issuing CBDC. At EuropeThe authorities are also working hard on this new form of currency. At the end of June, the European Commission unveiled its “single currency” legislative package, which provides a framework for the issuance of a “single currency”. digital euro.

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Last year, the innovation center of the BRI was collaborating with the central banks of Singapore, South Africa, Australia and Malaysia on the development of prototype “multi-CBDC” platforms.

Last autumn, the Banque de France has joined forces with BIS’s Mariana experiment to test cross-border CBDC exchanges based on MAs.

The International Monetary Fund announced in June the creation of an infrastructure to ensure the interoperability of the various CBDCs worldwide.

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