Dropbox discontinues unlimited offer due to crypto miners

Dropbox a mis end to his unlimited cloud storage service due to its use by miners from crypto-currencies. The pooling and the space resale are also issues for the company.

The famous file storage and sharing service Dropbox announced last week that its Advanced offer would no longer offer a unlimited storage space.

The American software publisher justified its decision by the fact that “a growing number of customers” were using its Advanced offering “for purposes such as crypto and the mining of Chia “reads a blog post.

Chia is a blockchain based on a transaction validation mechanism named Proof of Space Time which exploits storage space on hard disks. The project, which plans to go public, was initiated by BitTorrent founder Bram Cohen.

Users are also calling for common from storage for personal use and some improvise retailer.

According to Dropbox, this type of client can consume ” thousands of times more storage than our real business customers”, and this risks altering the service.

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“It’s important to note that our policy for Advanced has always been to provide as much storage as is necessary to run a legitimate business or organization, and not to provide unlimited storage for any use case “Dropbox defends itself.

The Advanced package will now be limited to 15 TB of spaceenough to store around 100 million documents, 4 million photos or 7,500 hours of HD video, according to the announcement.

Even if we prohibit abusive behavior, maintaining long lists of “acceptable” and “unacceptable” use cases for Advanced would not be a sustainable solution, and such policies would be difficult to apply on a large scale. Consequently, we are abandoning the ‘as much space as necessary’ policy and moving to a metered model”, concludes the Californian firm.

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