13th Edition of Esports Professional’s Master’s Degree in Esports Management: last places available

Esports Professional, the undisputed leader in specialized education in esports, reminds us that the 13th Edition of its acclaimed Master in Esports Management, will start next April 1st and that more than 60% of the available places are already covered. This intensive and avant-garde program is designed for prepare the next generation of leaders and professionals in the burgeoning esports industry.

With a proven track record in training exceptional talent, Esports Professional’s Master of Esports Management has established itself as. the preeminent training program for those looking to carve a niche for themselves in the competitive world of esports.. The 13th Edition promises to exceed all expectations, offering an unparalleled educational experience that combines theoretical knowledge with real-world practice.

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One of the most outstanding features of this Master’s program is its series of Master Classes, taught by eminent figures and renowned companies within the industry, including Stream Hatchet, Mahou San Miguel, GGTech Entertainment, Team Heretics, British Esports, LitLab Games, DreamHack, among others. This year, the program is proud to incorporate new partnerships with industry giants such as Riot Games, Infinity and Twitch.

Beyond traditional academic instruction, the Master’s focuses on providing an immersive, hands-on experience, reinforcing Esports Professional’s commitment to networking and opening up future career opportunities. This approach has proven to be tremendously effective, reflected in the numerous success stories of its graduates.

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With the start of the 13th Edition just around the corner, we urge potential students interested in pursuing a career in esports to secure their place in this unique program. Places are limited and demand is high, so we recommend acting promptly so as not to miss out on this unrepeatable opportunity.

For more information about the program, methodology, registration and any other queries, we invite you to visit their website, where you can also download the complete Master’s informative dossier.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of the esports elite!

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