13 days of battery life and always-on display

CMF by Nothing announces two wearables.

CMF by Nothing announces two wearables.

If you prefer the color orange and don’t want to spend a lot of money on wearables, you should take a look at the new products from Nothing or its subsidiary CMF.

They have now announced their new products and the portfolio includes a smartwatch, in-ear headphones and a 65-watt power supply.

Initial tests must show whether the products are suitable for small budgets. At least we can report what the wearables are supposed to do on paper.

CMF by Nothing: These are the Buds Pro

The new headphones from CMF by Nothing.

The new headphones from CMF by Nothing.

In terms of appearance, there are certain similarities to the Ear 2 from Nothing. However, CMF speaks a completely different design language and does not offer a transparent appearance.

The headphones are available in three colors:

According to CMF, the headphones should be able to block noises of up to 45 dB thanks to Active Noise Cancellation. For comparison: the Ear 2 reach 40 dB.

Six microphones should ensure clear conversations. The headphones can apparently be connected to the Nothing Phone 1 or Nothing 2 without any problems.

The two common audio codecs AAC and SBC are supported. High-res audio thanks to LHDC 5.0 is reserved for Nothing’s big brother.

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The connection takes place via Google Fast Pair and Bluetooth 5.3. A total of a maximum of 11 hours of playback time should be possible if the ANC functions remain deactivated. With Case it should be 39 hours.

Additional sound settings can be made within the Nothing X app using an equalizer. CMF also advertises “Ultra Bass Technology,” which is supposed to bring out the bass better and more clearly.

What else is there to report? The headphones support various functions through pressure points on the ear cups. They are also IP54 certified.

Nothing’s first smartwatch comes from CMF

On paper, the smartwatch has a wide range of functions.

On paper, the smartwatch has a wide range of functions.

In addition to fan-made smartwatches, various rumors about Nothing’s first watch were circulating online. These speculations have partly come true – after all, the subsidiary is bringing the first model onto the market.

The watch’s aluminum case remains gray, while the straps are available in three colors:

The operating system of the watch is interesting: It is not based on Google’s Wear OS. To pair with iOS or Android, you must use your own CMF Watch app.

The 1.9-inch display has a resolution of 332 ppi and is said to be over 600 nits bright.

According to the manufacturer, the smartwatch lasts a maximum of 13 days before the 340 mAh battery has to be plugged in again. This information most likely depends on the use of the always-on function.

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Despite the lack of Wear OS, the smartwatch should not be any less comprehensive. In addition to a variety of dials, the watch should also be able to record 110 different sports.

There are also some health features on board the Watch Pro:

  • Measurement of heart rate
  • Blood oxygen monitoring
  • Water Reminder
  • Stress-Monitor
  • Sleep tracking

The watch also offers additional convenience functions. Anyone who has misplaced their cell phone or watch can quickly find them again using the app. Calls via Bluetooth are also possible.

Finally, it should be mentioned that the watch has been certified according to IP68. It remains to be seen whether the Watch Pro from CMF delivers what it promises.

Prices and availability

A release date has not yet been announced. There are no prices in euros on the manufacturer’s website.

It also remains to be seen whether the devices will even make it to Germany. However, dollar prices give an idea of ​​what price range CMF is aiming for:

  • Watch Pro: 69 US-Dollar
  • Buds Pro: 49 US-Dollar

What do you think of the CMF by Nothing smartwatch and in-ear headphones? Do you believe that a product can be developed here at a fair price or are you skeptical? Are there functions that you miss in the products or do the devices largely cover everything? Feel free to write it in the comments below!

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