With Surface Duo 2 out of stock, Microsoft appears to be gearing up for Surface Duo 3

Microsoft appears to be gearing up for the announcement of the next-generation Surface Duo smartphone, as the Duo 2 model, released in 2021, is no longer in stock at partner stores or on the company’s website. The phone is still listed, but it hasn’t been in stock for some time and doesn’t look like it’s coming back anytime soon. A Surface Duo 3 has been rumored for some time, but now it looks like we’re getting closer to launch.

Surface Duo series remains important for Microsoft

Windows Central has received confirmation from Microsoft representatives who say that although the Surface Duo 2 is no longer in stock, this line of devices is not going away:

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“We know that inventories are lower than demand in some markets. While we have no new information on inventories at this time, the Surface Duo remains an important part of the Surface portfolio.”

The Surface Duo series has not been as successful as Microsoft probably wanted, and users have been kept away from these models mainly because of the very high price, but also because of software and performance issues. However, these are unique devices in the market at the moment, being the only ones to offer the Android operating system on a device with two screens side by side. The user experience is different from a foldable model, and the software has integration with Microsoft services and apps, useful in business environments.

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Already the second model solves some of the problems of the original, but a Surface Duo 3 could become a truly competitive device. The cameras could get improvements, while the software experience could be better optimized. Also, features for using the two screens in tandem could be significantly improved.

Where Microsoft should work the hardest, however, is on pricing. The Surface Duo 2 has entered store shelves at US$1,500, while models with foldable screens are priced only slightly higher, with more powerful hardware and better software for multi-tasking.

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