1.99 euro per month for life

SkyShowtime has been officially launched in Romania and comes with a special offer for those who subscribe during the launch period. It was already being offered at one of the lowest prices on the market for such a service, at €3.99, but those who choose to subscribe from today, 14 February, until 11 April, will receive a discount of half the subscription price, for life.

SkyShowtime offers access to its streaming services in Romania for just 10 lei a month

Basically, you’ll be able to access SkyShowtime as long as you keep your subscription active, and don’t cancel it in the future, at the special price of €1.99. If you cancel it for even a month, when you want to subscribe again, you’ll pay full price for the subscription. For the equivalent of 10 lei you get access to a wide selection of films and series from studios and TV channels such as Universal, Sky, DreamWorks, NBC/Peacock, Nickelodeon, Showtime, Paramount+ and Paramount Studios.

Signing up for an account is quick and easy, requiring only an email address and a bank card from which the €1.99 payment for the first month’s access can be made. Once you have subscribed, you will see in the Subscriptions and Payment section that the special 50% discount offer is valid until 14.02.2101, i.e. until you are over 80. Presumably the folks at SkyShowtime probably expect that not many of their subscribers will end up catching the next century.

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skyshowtime price

The selection of new movies and series is relatively small compared to other competing services, but the prices of those services are also significantly higher. Top Gun Maverick and Jurassic World Dominion are the newest movies on SkyShowtime, while series like Halo, Star Trek Strange New Worlds, Tusla King and Yellowstone are among the most exciting at the moment.

However, those who do a little “digging” through the selection of classic movies and series will find a few “gems” like House M.D., Californication, Back to the Future, Indiana Jones, The Godfather movies and more. And for those with children, they’ll be pleased to see that there’s the option of a dedicated children’s profile with films and series produced by Nickelodeon, such as Paw Patrol, Penguins of Madagascar, Spongebob, Rugrats and Dora the Explorer.

I noticed that the service is only available in Romanian for the interface, with no option to switch to English or other languages. The movies first start without subtitles, but most have Romanian subtitles available and even multiple dubbing options.

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What devices the service works on

The only downside I could notice with SkyShowtime at the moment is the lack of streaming services in 4K and HDR resolution. All movies and series are available in maximum Full HD and no HDR, not even in dedicated smart TV apps. I tested the service on an LG 55CX OLED with webOS and in Safari and Chrome browser and everything works. In fact, the app is available on pretty much all smart devices and computers. The only device category where there isn’t an app yet is game consoles. Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo Switch users can’t access the service directly on consoles. Also, Android devices with root access cannot use this app due to anti-piracy protection.

Here is the full list of devices compatible with SkyShowtime streaming services and app

Web browsers

  • Edge Chromium 80+
  • Chromium 75+
  • Firefox 88+
  • Safari (for Mac) 12+

Mobile operating systems

  • Android 7.0 or higher
  • iOS 13 or higher

Computer operating systems

  • Chrome OS
  • Mac OS
  • Windows PC

Smart TV

  • Apple TV HD (4th generation) or higher
  • Android 6.0 or higher
  • LG webOS 3.5 or higher

Playback devices

  • Chromecast first generation or higher

Devices unlocked by rooting

  • We do not accept any rooted devices.

It seems that Netflix, the main competitor, has already responded to the lower price of SkyShowtime by lowering the price of the cheapest subscription on the Romanian market.

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