YouTube will probably fix an annoying problem in the future

The new feature aims to make YouTube Premium more appealing to mobile phone users.  (Image: chathuporn -

The new feature aims to make YouTube Premium more appealing to mobile phone users. (Image: chathuporn –

Whether you should pay for YouTube Premium divides the community – literally. If you look at the numbers in our survey, you will see that 50 percent currently find YouTube’s approach too aggressive to pay for premium.

If you watch a lot of YouTube videos on mobile, the latest feature for Premium, which is currently in testing, might convince you.

No more accidental typing

A test phase is currently running among selected YouTube Premium users who have a Lock Screenfeature, according to Reviewgeek.

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The name Lock Screen is self-explanatory: If this is activated, the screen is locked and you can no longer tap anything.

When watching videos on mobile, how often does it happen that you accidentally stop the video, skip ahead or click recommended videos unintentionally?

Lock Screen However, it only works in full screen mode.

New features for Premium on the horizon?

There are many of you who don’t want to pay for YouTube Premium. The biggest pain factor of the video platform is and remains the advertising for many.

Aside from YouTube Music, the service provider would like to give its paying customers even more functions for their money.

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10-bit playback rate already exists. As a result, videos run much more smoothly. Much of the content on the platform is already being offered; However, you only have access as a premium user.

In addition, YouTube allows games to be developed giving the play button a new meaning. These could also only become available for paying users.

If we expect more features on YouTube or YouTube Premium, you will read it with us.

YouTube Premium still needs to put some briquettes on the fire to get you hot. Would a lock screen during playback feature be a feature you pay money for? What does YouTube have to do to justify the 13 euros a month? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments.

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