Young woman surprised by what appeared on the screen of a second-hand TV

A woman bought a second-hand TV from a classifieds site and when she first opened it she was in for a surprise.

A hotel logo appears on the display when the TV is turned on.

The incident was reported by Caitlyn Rae, who lives in the continental US, in Las Vegas. The TV came from the Grand Waikikian Hotel, part of the Hilton Grand Vacations Club in Honolulu.

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No word on how a TV that worked in a hotel ended up in the hands of the seller. Was it stolen? If not, then how did it get from Hawaii to the mainland? Honolulu to Las Vegas is 3,000 miles.

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The video in which the woman recounts the incident, which happened to a friend, has gone viral on TikTok.

“When a TV has traveled further than you have,” one user joked. Others, more practical, told her how she could get rid of the logo by turning off hospitality mode.

“Press Mute, then 119, turn off hospitality mode and then reset the settings. It should work… I used to work in a hotel,” wrote another person.

Another TikTok user said that a friend of his went through a similar experience, only in that case the KFC logo appeared on the TV screen.

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He even commented on Hilton’s official TikTok account. Company representatives suggested, via emoji, that they were stunned by the incident.

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