You could be the owner of Lewis Hamilton’s first race-winning Mercedes –

If you consider yourself a Formula One fan and a supporter of the Mercedes-AMG team, you might be very excited to hear that you could be the owner of a car that taps into both categories.

Because, Top Gear reports , Lewis Hamilton’s first race-winning Mercedes, the W04, is going up for sale at auction. The car, which gave Hamilton his first taste of victory as a Mercedes driver, managed the feat at the 2013 Hungarian Grand Prix. While it hasn’t managed to find much success beyond that, the car is still iconic for doing just that.

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But how much will it sell for? Estimates seem to suggest somewhere between £8 million and £12 million. A lot of money, in other words. Fortunately, if you’re looking for a less pricey piece of sports memorabilia, Tom Brady’s last game-worn shirt will also be sold at the event, for the entirely reasonable price of £1.25 million.

You could be the owner of Lewis Hamilton's first race-winning Mercedes

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