You are left without a driver’s license, without discussion. The new law that would leave many Romanian drivers pedestrians

You can easily lose your driver’s license from now on if this legislative proposal is approved. If you don’t want to be a pedestrian, you need to know what the new driver’s law is.

Therefore, if you do not pay your traffic fines within 60 days of their issuance, your driver’s license may be suspended. This will only happen if a recent legislative proposal in the Senate becomes law. This measure is intended to oblige drivers to pay their debts and increase the collection of fines in the budgets of local authorities.

The purpose of this legislative proposal is to introduce the statement that the suspension of the permit will be possible until the fine is paid, if it has not been paid within 60 days of the sanction, according to This means that drivers who are fined will have 60 days to pay the road fine. However, if they exceed this deadline, even for one day, their permit will be suspended. This suspension will be in effect until they pay off their debt.

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The new law for drivers

In addition to the numerous road accidents that take place in our country, another problem is the low level of payment of road fines by drivers, say the initiators of the bill. This obviously brings less money into the budgets of local authorities, and the proposed law is going to change that.

It is important to note that the legislative proposal is not yet in force. It must pass the vote of the Parliament, be promulgated by the President of the country and be published in the Official Gazette.

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But the fines have also changed. The Road Code is the fundamental law that targets the activity of drivers in traffic and has just benefited from significant changes. The authorities are implementing a new system of fines and it would be good to understand a little about the changed features. The Road Code 2022 applies to all drivers in Romania. The most important detail you should keep in mind is a new system of fines for drivers who violate traffic rules. You can find more details here.

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