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The champions of Azeroth who have traveled across the Dragon Isles to help the various Dragonflights have a new chapter in the Dragonflight story now that Return to the Forbidden Reach (10.0.7) is live.

Now that the proto-dragon Raszageth has been defeated, the storms that were a barrier to the Forbidden Reach on the Dragon Isles have subsided again, allowing adventurers to explore the area.

See more details below:

  • New zone for max-level: The Forbidden Reach
    • This zone contains new content for max-level players who delve into the problems left behind by the meddling Primalists and the chaos created between the elements.
  • Zskera Vaults
    • Max-level players exploring the depths of the Forbidden Reach will aid the Dragonscale Expedition as they dive into this newly discovered Vault full of enemies, puzzles and treasures.
  • New faction: Winterpelt Furbolgs
    • Learn to understand and eventually speak the language of the Winterpelt Furbolgs in the Azure Span as you help Sonova Snowden crack their peculiar dialect and gain their trust.
  • New Human and Orc Heritage Armor Sets
    • Available for level 50 characters: players of the orc and human races exalted to their respective faction can begin the questline to earn new armor sets that pay homage to these classic Warcraft races.
  • Monk Class Expansion
    • Lightforged Draenei, Worgen and Goblins can now play as Monk.
  • Class balance and tuning
    • Retribution Paladins get an extensive rework of their talent trees, but most classes get tuning and tweaks to their classes and talent trees
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