Worldcoin draws the attention of the UK data regulator

Orb Worldcoin in Hong Kong – Credit: Worldcoin

L’Information Commissioner’s Office from United Kingdom account review the crypto project controversial by the founder of OpenAI. Worldcoin creates digital identities by scanning theiris of his users.

The UK’s data protection regulator, theInformation Commissioner’s Office (ICO)announced that it would be investigating Worldcoinreported yesterday Reuters.

Officially launched on Monday and the brainchild of OpenAI’s co-founder Sam AltmanWorldcoin allows you to create unforgeable digital identifiers exploiting the iris recognition.

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To obtain a World IDusers must install an application and then visit one of the ” orbs The startup has made the “orbs” available throughout the world – some forty major cities have already been equipped with them – in order to carry out a “orbs” survey. scan of their eyeball.

To attract participants, Worldcoin offers digital coins WLD in exchange for a full registration.

The price of tokenwhich entered several crypto exchanges this week, peaked at 3.3 dollars in the first few hours after listing, before falling back below $2. Today, its value is trading at around $2.38, up 18% over 24 hours. WLD currently has a market cap of $260 million, according to Coinmarketcap.

We note the launch of WorldCoin in the UK and will investigate further,” said an ICO spokesperson.

Far from being unanimously supported, particularly by privacy advocates, the dystopian-looking crypto project was launched in most countries around the world, at theexception a few jurisdictions, including the United States.

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In a lengthy blog post, Ethereum’s co-creator went into detail about Worldcoin. Vitalik Buterin identified four “ major risks “protocol-related risks privacy, accessibility, centralization and safety. It has also proposed solutions to mitigate its risks.

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