With ChatGPT through the Abiprüfung: Officially allowed in Hamburg

Above all, the correct handling of AI should be taught in German schools.  (Image: Adobe Firefly)

Above all, the correct handling of AI should be taught in German schools. (Image: Adobe Firefly)

One concern many schools and teachers had when ChatGPT was first introduced and the whole world was talking about the chatbot was the increase in cheating on exams and paperwork.

In fact, German schools are on the verge of not banning the use of AI, but even integrating it into everyday school life. This can now also be seen in Hamburg high schools. ChatGPT is allowed there for the final exam.

»You have to understand it too«

NDR reports that this year there have been more attempts to deceive with AI in the Hamburg Abitur exams. The school authorities draw conclusions from this – and officially allows the use of ChatGPT.

School Senator Ties Rabe (SPD) sees no problem in using ChatGPT – at least for the oral exam. If AI was used to prepare the presentation, the students only have to indicate this.

In order to better test the knowledge of the students in times of ChatGPT, will future more focus on the oral questioning of the examiners.

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The oral exam requires students to give a 10-minute presentation, followed by a 20-minute oral exam.

Only in this conversation is the grade determined. According to Rabe, it is therefore not important whether AI is used for the presentation, since afterwards there is a burden of proof that the material has really been understood.

Students who have copied from ChatGPT then have to admit that they didn’t understand everything.

With this measure, Ties Rabe wants to ensure a fair Abi in times of AI.

Schools and AI: What is the current status?

Georg Schlamp is an English teacher and has been committed to contemporary teaching for years. This includes the correct use of ChatGPT (via sueddeutsche.de).

In March, he spoke to his colleagues at the “Digital School Bavaria” teachers’ conference in Gauting and discussed the topic of AI and teaching.

Future teaching models with the integration of AI tools such as ChatGPT were discussed, but also what risks and dangers this could cause. However, Schlamp emphasizes that technological innovations such as ChatGPT must neither be prohibited nor rejected.

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There is certainly concern that there will be more attempts at deception with AI, but that is exactly why the correct use of ChatGPT and Co. must be shown. Students need to develop an awareness of what technology can and cannot do.

A potential problem teachers see in using AI is widening the education gap. Higher-performing students will use AI to explain complex issues and educate themselves.

Weaker students would rather use the tool to have the tasks solved easily and thus learn little or nothing at all. There’s also a chance that low-income families will be left out of more powerful payment AI tools.

In the future, schools should focus on promoting skills that cannot be replaced by AI, such as critical and creative thinking and communication. In addition, the personal exchange between teachers and students is considered irreplaceable.

What is your opinion on this topic? How important do you think the integration of ChatGPT and other AI tools into everyday school life is? What are the risks and what opportunities do you see? Have you used AI yourself as a teacher or student and has it helped you? Tell us your thoughts and stories about it in the comments!

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