Why you should be excited for the Booster Gold TV Show –

There are understandably somewhat mixed reactions to james gunn’s recent revelation of his and Peter Safran’s plans for the DC universe. With Ezra Miller possibly returning as the Flash, despite all the accusations and allegations against them, and the king of nerds Henry Cavill not even being considered to return as Superman, there are a few things fans will be disappointed about for a while.

However, there are also a lot of cool and interesting projects that were announced yesterday. There’s the Swamp Thing movie, which is reportedly going to be a horror movie, and we also get special projects for supergirl, The Green Lantern and The Authority. Another title that needs hype is the Booster Gold series.

Why you should be excited for the Booster Gold TV Show

For those who don’t know, Booster Gold is a superhero who is not a superhero. He is actually just a criminal from the future who read about the Justice League and stole time-traveling technology to live the life of a hero. This premise alone should be enough to get you hooked, as it gives us a hero origin story unlike many others. With many plucky underdogs or tragic anti-heroes in the genre today, Booster Gold should be a breath of fresh air.

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As James Gunn confirmed, Booster Gold will also be interesting because it will focus on the titular hero’s imposter syndrome. We have already seen elements of a hero with imposter syndrome through the Peacemaker TV show, in which the anti-hero questioned himself after his villainous actions in The Suicide Squad. If we were to get another character study in the spirit of Peacemaker, coupled with the fantastical nature of Booster Gold’s origins, it should be another exciting project like we haven’t really seen in DC film or TV history.

Why you should be excited for the Booster Gold TV Show

We’ve already seen Booster Gold twice in a live-action format, with his most recent appearance actually in 2022 in the seventh season of Legends of Tomorrow. However, it seems he will only be remembered as part of the show’s big cliffhanger due to the fact that there will be no new season of Legends of Tomorrow. Because of his lack of live-action appearances, the upcoming Booster Gold series will likely act as an introduction to the character for many, and it gives Gunn and Safran plenty of creative leeway to give us both interesting character depth and some of the comedy the superhero is known for.

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There may be some concerns that Booster Gold will end up as yet another quirky, insufferable superhero like many that populate cinemas and streaming services these days. But it should be remembered that Booster Gold, despite his comedic nature, is not necessarily a character who will be all about the jokes. With the imposter syndrome angle, we see a mix of comedy mixed with a more serious story about a character that comic book writers have wanted to see get proper attention for far too long.

Finally, with Booster Gold’s time-traveling powers, he is often at the heart of some of DC’s big story events. This gives us a lot of crossover potential with the superhero and other popular characters. It also means that the Booster Gold show could carry considerably more weight in the future, as time travel could be key in James Gunn and Peter Safran’s imagining of the DC unvierse.

Why you should be excited for the Booster Gold TV Show

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