Why the e-bike manufacturer failed

Vanmoof is insolvent - wherean hat's located?  (Quelle: Vanmoof)

Vanmoof is insolvent – wherean hat’s located? (Quelle: Vanmoof)

Last month, the Dutch e-bike manufacturer Vanmoof had to file for bankruptcy. The consequence: Orders are no longer processed despite the goods being paid for, and repairs are no longer accepted and carried out.

But how did it come to this?

In an interview with the Handelsblatt (Paywall), a Vanmoof dealer is now giving behind-the-scenes insights: For Berlin-based Daniel Torillas, who in his shop Another kind of bikeshop offered and repaired Vanmoof e-bikes, the bankruptcy comes as no surprise.

The reasons for the Vanmoof-Aus

The main reason, according to Torillas: Vanmoof wanted one offer exclusive product at a low price for the masses.

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The manufacturer’s e-bikes were offered at a starting price of around 2,500 euros – too cheap to recoup the production costs and other expenses.

Because mistakes have also been made during production: Vanmoof produced the parts for the e-bikes itself and had to have many devices repaired due to a lack of experience. About every tenth model was returned, according to Torillas.

These contractual partners, such as the Torillas shop, were only established late – too late, because Vanmoof always sent the devices back to the Netherlands in the first few years after it was founded in the event of defective vehicles.

Due to the high costs incurred by shipping and taking back items from all over Europe, Vanmoof dug its own million dollar grave.

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An unsightly side effect that has arisen since the bankruptcy: Vanmoof also owes Torillas several thousand euros due to outstanding repair bills – costs that the shop owner as well as the customers will be left with.

Because for customers who still rely on Vanmoof bikes, the sword of Damocles hangs over their heads.

The servers required to unlock, locate or switch the bikes are still running. The emphasis is on still; how long it will take for the insolvency administrators to pull the plug here too is still completely unclear.

Do you have a Vanmoof e-bike? How will you proceed with the bikes? Let us know in the comments!

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