When you can watch The Witcher: Blood Origin on Netflix: the story, thousands of years before Geralt

Meanwhile, season three of The Witcher arrives next summer.

The Witcher: Blood Origin, a prequel to Netflix’s live-action adaptation of Andrzej Sapkowski’s fantasy novel series, will debut on December 25, the streaming giant announced recently during its Tudum event.

The Witcher: Blood Origin coming to Netflix in December

Netflix also revealed that English actress Minnie Driver (Good Will Hunting, Starstruck) is part of the cast. Driver will narrate the events of the show and may even appear in The Witcher, which will return next summer with a new season. Gaub also showed just a hint of the setting and on his Instagram. The post features cranes and large set pieces that convey the idea that the team “won’t be dropping the intensity in The Witcher season 3.” The producer also shows just a few prop doors and windows that look old and gothic enough. Oh, and we can’t forget the dark and dank underground dungeons, can we?

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Lauren Hissrich also showed off the show’s first day of production on Instagram. She’s the showrunner, so obviously has a big hand in the final decisions. Her photo shows several forests and can I just say they are stunning even if they aren’t used for the show. Hopefully season three will be a lot easier to make and our Geralt will stay out of harm’s way. Or at least watch out for him when he’s fighting all the ridiculous monsters in the Witcher books.

Regarding the prequel, Minnie Driver has said that her character plays a pivotal role “in connecting Blood Origin’s past with The Witcher’s future”. Set thousands of years before Geralt and Ciri’s story, Blood Origin will focus on the Conjunction of the Spheres, the moment in the Witcher universe when humans, elves and monsters all come to inhabit the fantasy world of the series. Actress Michelle Yeoh plays Scian, the story’s elf protagonist. Originally scheduled to run for six episodes, Blood Origin will instead run for four episodes.

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