WhatsApp introduces Call Links, the option to generate invitation links to group calls

Borrowing an idea from rival Google Meet, WhatsApp announces Call Links, a feature that lets you generate invitation links for group calls.

As the name implies, Call Links lets you send your contacts invitation links to video or voice call sessions, including using other instant messaging platforms, or even via email. The only requirement is that the invitees’ devices have the WhatsApp app installed, as the functionality is not available via the WhatsApp Web alternative.

With the new link-uition system, there is no need to add people you want to chat with to your contact list or to create a WhatsApp group, as everyone can join at the appointed time just by activating the link they receive.

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The new WhatsApp Call Links feature is available this week for all Android and iOS users. It’s unclear for now how WhatsApp plans to protect video calls from “invitees” who fraudulently obtain these links.

At the moment, this responsibility seems to be left to users, who should make sure from the start that the links they share don’t reach untrusted people. However, on the good news front we have the start of testing support for encryption-secured video calls, available for sessions with up to 32 participants.

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