What’s inside the Honor Magic Vs, China’s new competitor to the Galaxy Z Fold4. VIDEO

The Honor Magic Vs has already been announced and launched in China, and looks set to hit the European market in the very near future. Before it hits stores though, Honor sent the phone to JerryRigEverything, the YouTube channel famous for destroying phones for educational purposes, to check if it’s tough on the outside and well assembled on the inside. As expected, the Magic Vs didn’t survive, but the video reveals some interesting things about Honor’s new foldable.

Honor looks to improve fold-style foldable design with new Magic Vs

While it’s not the Chinese brand’s first phone of its kind, this is the first to launch outside of China, finally providing long-awaited competition for the undisputed Western leader of the foldable space – Samsung. The new Magic Vs has some advantages over Samsung, but it also has some disadvantages.

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The main advantage would be the hinge construction, which is smaller, simpler and lighter. The video reveals that the hinge is made from just four independent components, which are then joined together to ensure a smooth and durable closure and opening. Thus, the Honor Magic Vs is resistant to 400,000 folds, equivalent to 100 daily folds for 10 years. In comparison, Samsung offers only half that resistance in its claims.

Then, the hinge shape allows the two halves to close completely, but also provides a more compact and lightweight design. And on the inside, the phone integrates a larger 5,000 mAh battery.

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Unfortunately, even though most of the components survived disassembly, the folding screen wasn’t among them. This clip demonstrates once again how fragile these foldable screens are, one wrong move in use can be fatal. In this case it didn’t break in use but while the screen was being somewhat carefully peeled away from the casing, but encountering a sharp foreign object can happen anytime by accident.

The Honor Magic Vs is expected to launch later this month at Mobile World Congress 2023.

source: YouTube

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