What we expect from Google in 2023

Google is a hardware company. Sure, the focus is still on the search engine and more recently on AI. But the tangible product portfolio is also impressive.

In 2023, there will be a few new additions to the well-known devices such as the Google Pixel and Pixel Watch. And the well-known line-up will of course be revised as usual.

Many of the expected new products will be shown at Google I/O in May, with some devices coming later in the year. What we expect and when we expect the releases, we’ll tell you here.

Pixel 8 (Pro)

Google has become one of the best smartphone providers out there in recent years. The pixel models are on par with the big ones in terms of features, but are also several hundred euros cheaper.

Also this year there should be a new edition of the usual two-team – Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro.

Google's current top model, the Pixel 7 Pro, is getting a successor.

Google’s current top model, the Pixel 7 Pro, is getting a successor.

As with the current generation, we expect Google to lead the way in mobile phone software and take advantage of the powerful AI features of the Tensor G3 chip. Rumors also speak of a 64 MP camera and the integration of a LIDAR scanner.

Better battery life, consistent sales prices and a 120 Hz display for the Pixel 8 are also on our wish list. If Google delivers here, we can almost expect the manufacturer to be at the top again.

Even if the Pixel 8 (Pro) comes first in our list: A release is not expected until the end of the year. We can expect the mobile phone to be on the shelves in October 2023. Shortly before that, the product will probably be presented at its own pixel event.

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Pixel 7a

Google’s latest representative of the budget segment will probably come a little earlier: the Pixel 7a.

Google will probably show the cheaper cell phone as part of its Google I/O developer conference. It takes place in May.

According to the rumor mill, we can expect a number of optimizations for the Pixel 7a. For example, a 90 Hz display and support for wireless charging are expected. In addition, the first images show a range of new colors for the entry-level smartphone. A price of less than 500 euros is considered likely.

Pixel Fold

Google’s first folding smartphone will probably also be shown at Google I/O – and could therefore be on the shelves as early as summer.

However, a steep price of 1700 to 1800 euros is expected for the mobile phone. The device is therefore a niche product for the upper class, not a foldable for the general public.

Pixel Watch 2

With the Pixel Watch, Google made its debut in the wearable segment. This year we expect a successor with the Pixel Watch 2.

The current model was already convincing for a debut work, but one or the other teething problem also made itself felt in the test.

Especially in terms of battery life and the thickness of the bezel on the edge, Google should be happy to improve with its successor.

When the model will appear is still unclear. However, we don’t expect Google to wait until 2024 to update its wearables.

Available now: The Google Pixel Watch

Pixel Tablet

With the Pixel Tablet, Google – the name already suggests it – wants to take on the tablet market. The device was already shown last year and should finally appear in 2023.

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Inside, Google installs an in-house Tensor G2 chip, which is also used in current smartphones. We also know of a built-in camera on the back and a charging dock with an integrated speaker that turns the tablet into a smart home hub.

It is not yet clear when Google will launch its tablet. So far, only 2023 was mentioned. Our assumption: the tablet will also be available as part of the Google I/O in May or shortly thereafter.

The Pixel Tablet in the charging dock.

The Pixel Tablet in the charging dock.

Grogu – the Pixel AirTag

There are already a number of Android alternatives to Apple’s AirTags. So far, however, no one has really been able to hold a candle to the Cupertino-based company.

Now Google wants to try it itself. Apparently they are working on their own tracking device. Alias: Grogu (Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian).

According to rumors, a separate network for locating the tracker is also in the works.

Developer Kuba Wojciechowski believes that Google would also like to present its tracker as part of the Google I/O.

New Nest devices for the smart home

In addition to smartphones, tablets and related accessories, Google is likely to have new smart home products in the pipeline this year. They will probably appear as usual under the Nest branding.

In addition to new smart audio devices and routers, we also expect a smart thermostat, new cameras and new door locks.

Now it’s your turn! Are you looking forward to one of the expected devices in particular? Do you have high expectations for Google’s product portfolio 2023? Or do the smartphones and co. mentioned here all leave you cold? What would Google have to do to change that? We look forward to your opinion in the comments!

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