What if I ignore the new measures?

Four countries serve as guinea pigs for Netflix to test what happens when you ban account sharing. Many Canadians, also victims of the test balloon, pulled the ripcord early on.

Netflix users in Spain and Portugal had to set a primary location with a deadline of yesterday. Anyone who didn’t state their place of residence was assigned one by the streaming giant.

Sharing accounts for free used to be

Days before the deadline, customers in Spain and Portugal received the following message:

Quelle: Xataka

Quelle: Xataka

The Netflix account is for people who live in a house.

Along with this admonition, there was a hint to set the main location for the account. Of course, this has the ulterior motive of preventing account sharing as soon as Netflix puts a stop to it.

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Set primary location

Quelle: Xataka

Quelle: Xataka

If Netflix is ​​successful with its behavior in Spain, Portugal, Canada and New Zealand, then the following procedure will also come to us. This is how you set a primary locationwhen the app asks you to:

  • Click Configure location
  • Verifies this in the email address associated with the account

If you want to set a location yourself, you will be able to do so via the Netflix support center in the future.

What happens if you don’t set a location?

If you ignore all Netflix requests, then in the case of Spain and Portugal the provider has simply selected a main location based on the user data. If this is incorrect, those affected can change the address in the help menu.

What happens to joint accounts? Profiles that are in the same household will remain. Accounts that are not registered to the same address, are being used on the move, or are accessing with a different access point will be blocked. Depending on the tariff, these can be booked again for a fee.

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Can you be completely banned?

Not yet. As a normal user, you cannot avoid the newly introduced hurdle anyway. Netflix has not yet issued a clear guideline. What if I travel often? There is no solution for this yet. According to an archived support page, you have to verify yourself in the app using a PIN or email address. There will definitely be changes here.

Netflix’s ways are inscrutable

While users in Spain and Portugal are hitting the full brunt of reality, customers in parts of the Caribbean and Latin America are treated to discounts. Does Netflix want to compensate for customers who have dropped out? One can only speculate about that.

What actually happens to the Netflix account when someone passes away? Our colleague Alana dealt with this question.

Netflix gets serious and lets it come to confrontation. Spain, Portugal, Canada and New Zealand use their wallets to vote on the success of the measures. Do you think Netflix will finally shoot itself in the foot? When does the competition take advantage of this? Feel free to discuss it in the comment column.

Quelle: Xataka

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