VIDEO The Challenge, the Russian film that dethrones Tom Cruise: where it was filmed

The Challenge has received a new trailer, previewing the Russian sci-fi thriller that managed to dethrone Tom Cruise as the first film shot in space.

Tom Cruise is known for defying the limits of the impossible, especially when it comes to the stunts he performs on the big screen.

Recently, the actor announced that he plans to board a SpaceX rocket with the goal of traveling to the International Space Station to film in space.

However, it looks like he won’t get to be the first actor to do that, as the Russians have beaten him to it.

Titled The Challenge, this new sci-fi thriller has officially made history as the first film to be shot in space, and with actors as real as it gets.

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The first trailer for The Challenge has officially been released

The film now has a trailer which you can watch at the end of this article.

In order to film on the International Space Station in 2021, actress Yulia Peresild went into space with director Klim Shepenko aboard a Soyuz transport vehicle.

Once in orbit, Shepenko spent 12 days filming 30 hours of footage, employing cosmonauts as actors alongside Peresild.

Due to the lack of a full crew, Shepenko was forced to multitask, serving as art director as well as production designer. Shooting in space accounts for about 35 minutes of the finished film.

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Although Tom Cruise has officially lost his chance to be the first actor to get to film in space, he still plans to complete his mission on the ISS.

Clearly, Tom Cruise still has a chance. As The Challenge hasn’t been released yet, we can’t know how good this film actually is. In the event that the Russian film doesn’t turn out to be what it should be, Cruise is left with the honor of making the first good movie in space.

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