Video shows the most beautiful rainforest since Crysis

Unreal Engine Version 5.2 has only been available since March, but the first projects that use the new features of the version are already in development.

A walk through the rainforest

Mawi United company has created a stunning tech demo in which a person slowly walks through the rainforest at night. It’s raining and storming and the screen flashes again and again as lightning flashes across the sky.

Link to YouTube content

The high graphic quality of the plants, the bushes and the rain catches the eye. But in addition to the graphic quality, the coordinated soundscape is also noticeable. Every step and every bush pushed out of the way can be heard.

The video is a teaser for an asset pack in the Unreal Engine Asset Store. Developers can buy graphics assets for their projects there. In January, author Linh reported on a Mawi United tech demo that recreated an oasis.

Unreal Engine 5.2 raised the bar for game engines

With version 5.2 presented in March, Unreal raised the expectations for game engines. In line with current trends such as ChatGPT, version 5.2 supports procedural generation – as does the rainforest asset package presented in the video. With the package, developers can theoretically generate endlessly large worlds with just a few mouse clicks.

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The resulting opportunities made author Jan Stahnke think about his studies.

This new technology combined with assets from companies like Mawi United could accelerate game development. How the Unreal Engine 5.2 will affect the games industry and especially its competitor Unity will become apparent over the next few months to years.

However, beautiful worlds cannot only be created with the latest Unreal Version 5.2. The YouTube channel TechPlay recreates popular classic games in the Unreal Engine 5. With Unreal Engine 5, two old shooters suddenly look like glossy next-gen hits.

What do you think of the Regenwald tech demo? Do you find the graphics and the soundscape impressive or have you seen better ones? How do you think Unreal Engine 5.2 will affect the gaming industry? Write us your opinion in the comments.

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