Video game craze from Rick and Morty creator delayed: when High on Life launches

The name Justin Roiland might not mean much to you, but the Rick and Morty creator is an avid gamer and it seems he’s invested the last few years in a fascinating project called High on Life (“High on Life” or “Crazy for Life”). Unfortunately, it’s running a little late.

For the first time, the Rick and Morty sci-fi shooter was announced sometime in June of this year. Also then, the promise that it will be released in October 2022 reached online. Unfortunately, for those who were fascinated by the game’s fantastic premise and the wildly aggressive colors, it will be delayed until December of this year. While some will be disappointed, the practice of delays has become very common in the video game industry, especially in recent pandemic-dominated years.

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High on Life, available on Xbox and PC

As a ridiculous combination of Galaxy Quest, Oddworld and Bugsnax, High on Life is shaping up to be as original as it gets, and if you’re curious to try it out, you’ll be able to from 13 December 2022. As a premise, the player must anchor themselves on an interstellar journey to save their friends from big-eyed, fluorescent-coloured aliens.

The new game will be available on PC and Xbox, with no promise of an eventual release on PlayStation consoles. Production has fallen to Squanch Games, Justin Roiland’s own studio. Among the features that will set this game apart from other recent shooters are the numerous talking weapons you’ll have at your disposal to take down your enemies. The weapons function as a humorous subtitle for the on-screen action. A knife, for example, screams stab as you attack your enemies. If it wasn’t already obvious, this is an adult title, just like Rick and Morty.

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