Twitch CEO believes that gambling sites should be regulated by governments -.

Twitch is perhaps one of the most toxic platforms online, where many “personalities” are pushed into a pseudo-celebrity persona, which can ultimately lead to seriously questionable behavior, but from time to time the streaming platform has tried to remedy some of its shortcomings.

Indeed, Twitch recently banned unregulated gambling streams, and now Twitch CEO Dan Clancy has spoken out against unregulated gambling on any streaming platform. In an interview with V-Tuber Filian (which is a surreal thing to watch), Clancy said: “The thing that grew was these unregulated offshore gambling sites … These are sites that nobody overlooks to see, for example, what the odds are on the craps tables, adjust them, change them, because they’re not regulated.’

“The amount of money that flowed, where our creators built these communities and connections that they formed on Twitch, to drive people to these sites, It was a significant amount of money for a small number of creators. And we decided we didn’t think that was good for the community, so we put unregulated bans on doing that.”

Clancy did say there was a future in which certain sites could be shut down, but only if they followed government regulations. Otherwise, it seems that people will have to go to rival platforms if they want to watch rich people throw away their money and do the same thing themselves.

Twitch CEO believes gaming sites should be regulated by governments

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