Tumblr taunts Twitter by offering two verification badges for $8

Tumblr was once a popular blogging platform, but the repeated sale of the company and Apple’s restrictions on it have led to the abandonment of the community in recent years. The nudity ban sent a large portion of users to other platforms, such as OnlyFans, and now Tumblr is trying to make a comeback. Recently, the company announced that it’s allowing nudity again, but not explicit content, and now it’s trying to gain some popularity with acidic comments on what’s happening on Twitter. For $8, Tumblr gives you not just one, but two verification badges.

Chaos surrounding Twitter acquisition draws taunts from Tumblr

To ironize the discussion around Twitter Blue subscriptions, checkmarks and official “ticks”, Tumblr announces “Important Blue Internet Checkmarks”. The company says that anyone who wants to be “verified” on the platform can buy not just one, but two such badges for $8, which will appear next to the user’s name on the social media platform. What’s more, it doesn’t require a monthly subscription, as it’s a one-time fee.

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Of course, this feature, while real, is a joke, and the description of the service is written to mock Elon Musk’s decisions:

“Many want it, few can have it. On Tumblr, it’s available to everyone. Buy today and get two blue steaks for $7.99**

**This is not a status checkmark it is an Important Blue Internet Checkmark, which in 2022 is just as legitimate. Also, the Important Blue Internet Checkmark could turn into a crab emoji at any time.”

internet checkmark tumblr

After multiple fake accounts bought the Twitter checkmark and demonstrated how easily it can be used to spread fake news, Twitter stopped signing up Twitter Blue subscribers and relaunched the “official” checkmark.â

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