Top Gun 2, another record, when you thought it couldn’t get any higher: what it’s now worth

The Top Gun phenomenon: Maverick seems to continue to grow, while actor Tom Cruise has already surpassed, “the speed of sound” many times over.

The new news comes just days after news broke that the film has ticked $600 million domestically in the US. Now heading into its 8th weekend of global release, Paramount/Skydance have broken the record and announced that it has jumped 1.2 billion, worldwide.

The sequel to the classic film, directed by Joseph Kosinski, is now grossing $602.5 million in 65 offshore markets and $606 million in North America, totaling $1,208.5 million, globally, until recently.

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With these figures, Top Gun: Maverick became the highest-grossing film ever made by Paramount Pictures globally, surpassing Transformers: Age Of Extinction.

In 28 overseas markets, Maverick made history, including countries like the UK, France, Australia and Brazil in its success.

Clearly, it begs the question of how high Top Gun could go in the future: Maverick, since it has already ticked off almost impossible records.

Record after record for Top Gun: Maverick

To recap, it took just 31 days for Maverick to reach $1 billion globally; becoming the second film in the pandemic to reach that high, but also the first time Tom Cruise has achieved such success in his career spanning more than four decades.

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This week it was also announced that the film’s first release surpassed Titanic’s first run domestically (U.S.), making it the 12th film in U.S. box office history to surpass the $600 million mark.

As I said earlier, this film’s “high” adventure seems far from over. So we can expect a third part to be announced any day now.

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