Tools for Humanity (Worldcoin) raises $115M from Blockchain Capital

Tools for Humanitythe crypto startup from the co-founder ofOpenAI at the origin of the project Worldcoinhas completed a 115 million round of financing.

Earlier this month, the Financial Times reported that Sam Altman’s crypto project to exploit the iris recognition to create digital identities was on the verge of raising a further $100 million.

It’s a done deal. This Thursday, Tools for Humanitythe company behind Worldcoinhas announced that it has raised 115 million dollars as part of a financing round of series C directed by the investment firm Blockchain Capital.

When we started talking about it three years ago, people laughed at us, as if we were reading too many science fiction books, and that has now changed. The company’s identity technology will be important in a world where artificial intelligence is raising new questions about what is and isn’t human on the Internet,” commented Alex Blania, Tools of Humanity’s boss, on Bloomberg.

Other investors include Andreessen Horowitz and Bain Capital, two major American VCs with an appetite for Web3. Fresh capital will be used to swell the ranks of Tools for Humanitywhich already has almost 150 employees.

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The startup, valued at $3.2 billion last year and whose new valuation has not been revealed, recently presented “the first Worldcoin wallet”. Named World Appwallet enables identification on the digital passport protocol World ID to obtain tokens and send funds.

Still in beta, Worldcoin should be officially launched in the coming weeks. While the project is subject to controversy in the field of privacythe startup claims on its website that iris scans will not need to be “downloaded or stored” in order to reassure its users.

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