Tom Hanks’ niece is having an incredible meltdown after being eliminated from the game show –

The premise of the American reality show Claim to Fame is pretty simple. Each contestant is a relative of a celebrity and the goal is to determine each person’s claim to fame. For Carly Reeves, her claim is that she is the niece of Tom Hanks.

In the first episode, another contestant Hugo had to make a guess about someone else’s claim to fame and chose carly. By correctly guessing her relationship, Hugo eliminated Carly, which sent her on a huge tirade.

“These frickin’ clues are so frickin’ obvious,” Hugo said. she said. “Frickin’ bench?! It’s the frickin’ poster of frickin’ Forrest Gump, are you kidding me? Why a bench? Why a bench! There are literally no benches in any other movie. Even Gabriel found out he’s not even smart.’ “I didn’t even get to do challenges! I don’t deserve this! I should have more camera time, I should be here longer! Nobody expected that, nobody!”

It was a wonderful moment for many of the participants, but has served as a great source of memes and reactions for the Internet.

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Tom Hanks' niece has incredible meltdown after being eliminated from game show

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