Tiny11 is a version of Windows 11 that takes up only 8 GB and works on systems with 2 GB RAM

Windows 11 is a fairly demanding operating system with system requirements, requiring a fairly recent processor for the usual Microsoft-approved installation. However, as it often turns out, Microsoft includes a lot of modules and features in its operating systems that average users don’t need, and they all consume resources, both when it comes to storage space and RAM. NTDEV, a long-time developer among Windows release modifiers has announced the release of Tiny11, a version of Windows 11 dedicated to those with more modest systems.

You can install Windows 11 on smaller systems that the standard version would not allow you to install

Unlike other modified versions of Windows that attempt to eliminate the activity tracking methods implemented by Microsoft, Tiny11 retains them. What this version of Windows 11 does do, however, is remove many of the items that are not necessary for the proper functioning of the system. In particular, we’re talking about the Windows Component Store (WinSxS), which also removes the ability to install other languages or new features in the operating system.

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Tiny11 is based on Windows 11 Pro 22H2, so the latest version from Microsoft and includes the “bare essentials”, i.e. the basic apps like Calculator, Notepad or Paint and even the Microsoft Store, so you can install apps from both the web and the official app store. How you get to the internet, however, is another story, as Tiny11 doesn’t include the Edge browser or the old Internet Explorer. You’ll have to download a browser to another computer, or install Edge right from the Windows Store to browse the web. Another advantage would be the ability to use the operating system with a local account, without having to log in online.

A standard installation of Windows 11 takes up over 20 GB and over 2 GB of RAM. In comparison, Tiny 11 is more than twice as small, at 8 GB per disk occupied, and works even on modest PCs, occupying only 256 GB RAM after installation. According to NTDEV, the operating system itself takes up just 6.34 GB, but the remaining applications it hasn’t completely removed are responsible for another 1.59 GB. What’s more, a TPM 2.0 module is not required for installation, so it will be able to be installed on older systems.

The only major drawback is that this version of Windows 11 is not “serviceable” i.e. it can’t receive major system updates like the upcoming 23H1 update from Microsoft. Security updates, drivers and .NET updates come through Windows Update, but not those that add new functionality. For a computer that doesn’t need to be up to date with all the new features, this isn’t necessarily a problem, especially since it gets up-to-date security updates.

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The Tiny11 version of Windows 11 is available in ISO format from archive.org.

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