TikTok adds share option for sharing videos on Facebook and Instagram

Just as Facebook and Instagram admins are trying to discourage “cloning” TikTok posts on their own platforms, TikTok is fighting back by offering the share option directly in the mobile app.

This way, TikTok stars who are trying to be active on as many social media platforms as possible without putting in too much effort don’t even have to bother downloading and reposting TikTok videos using third-party tools. Thus, in order to have TikTok watermarked clips posted on other social networks there will now be a Share option, the owner of ByteDance thus managing with minimal effort to turn rival platforms into simple TikTok clones that don’t offer much more in terms of content variety.

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It remains to be seen how Meta will react to the new TikTok offensive, as simply discouraging the sharing of TikTok videos by excluding them from algorithmic display in the Facebook content feed or Instagram Reels is no longer a guaranteed solution. Simply put, if the authors in question don’t care much about platforms other than TikTok, then using share options with minimal effort for mass reposting of TikTok clips may seem like a convenient solution for increasing audience.

Not yet available to all TikTok users, the new video sharing interface is enabled by updating the app for Android and iOS. Once it’s available, all you have to do is activate the three-dot menu overlaid over TikTok stories by selecting the share option on your Facebook or Instagram page. Previously, the share option was only available for sending to friends on other social networks, or saving clips to your own devices for offline viewing or other use.

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