This car manufacturer is recalling more than 20,000 vehicles: what are the risks

Chrysler’s parent company, Stellantis, is recalling 19,808 hybrid minivans. The carmaker advises owners not to recharge them after reporting 12 fires in parked vehicles.

According to Reuters, all the cars that caught fire were parked and stopped. Eight of them were connected to the chargers. However, Stellantis said it was not aware of any injuries or accidents associated with these events.

The car manufacturer advises owners to refrain from recharging vehicles and to park them away from structures and other vehicles. He also said he was working to confirm the cause of the fire.

Vehicles called into service by Stellantis

To avoid the risk of an unwanted incident, owners can continue to drive their vehicles using the internal combustion engine.

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The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration declined to comment. The carmaker’s recall includes 16,741 vehicles in the United States, 2,317 in Canada and another 750 outside of North America.

Stellantis is not the only carmaker to face such problems. Other carmakers have also faced fire problems with hybrid or all-electric vehicles. For example, General Motors stopped production of its Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicle in August and extended that shutdown until the end of this month.

The largest carmaker in the United States extended its recall of Bolt cars to more than 140,000 vehicles in August to replace the battery modules after a series of fires. Moreover, General Motors has stopped indefinitely retailing new Bolt vehicles.

Stellantis is increasing car production: where the giant’s cars are coming from now

The car giant enjoys a very high demand from customers.

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Stellantis will export Peugeot, Opel and Citroen vans from its plant in Kaluga, Russia, to meet increased demand.

Stellantis will start exporting commercial vans to Europe from its plant in Kaluga, Russia, to meet increased demand.

Exports will begin with three medium-sized models, the Peugeot Expert, the Opel Vivaro and the Citroen Jumpy. Deliveries are scheduled to begin in February.

Vans produced in Russia would add to those produced at Stellantis factories in France and the United Kingdom amid growing demand for commercial vehicles, especially as home delivery services increased during the coronavirus pandemic.

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