The wallet backed by Generali and the Italian Post Office joins forces with Coinbase

Fintech providing a crypto wallet for banks and institutions at Italy, Conio has a new liquidity provider : Coinbase. By the end of December, the company will be offering 50 tokensincluding those of compatible blockchains EVM.

Part-owned by the Italian Post Office and Banca Generali, fintech Conio signs major agreement with US giant Coinbase. The crypto exchange thus becomes a liquidity provider for the Italian.

Publisher of a wallet boasting 400,000 individual customers, banks and financial institutions, Conio already offered the purchase of tokens, in particular Bitcoin and Algorand. Between now and the end of the year, this offer will be considerably expanded.

Thanks to the liquidity provided by Coinbase, Conio will support up to 50 tokens from its application. This will enable Italian banks and financial players to meet the growing demand for digital assets.

To reach the 50 tokens, Conio will thus support tokens native to blockchains compatible with the Ethereum virtual machine, the EVM. As a result, cryptocurrencies such as ETH, MATIC and AVAX are available.

This new agreement will provide Italian banks and financial institutions with a faster and more secure channel to meet the growing demand for digital assets accessing Coinbase’s liquidity,” boasts the fintech.

For the Managing Director of ConioOrlando Merone, the collaboration with Coinbase aims to make the startup “the most reliable partner for banks, financial institutions and businesses looking to enter the world of digital assets”.

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By equipping itself with a “fast and secure on-ramp”, Orlando Merone believes Conio is taking a big step towards institutionalizing crypto and democratizing it among Italian customers.

The fintech accelerated its developments in the 2nd half of 2023 through a strengthened partnership with Chainalysis and by joining Visa’s European program dedicated to innovation. Conio is the only Italian crypto company in the Visa Innovation Program Europe 2023.

For Coinbase, this alliance is an opportunity to strengthen its international presence and gain access to institutional clients in Europe, as Daniel Seifert, Vice President and General Manager EMEA, points out.

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