The Three-Haired Goat, turned into a horror film: when you can see Maia Morgenstern and Marius Bodochi in cinemas

Cut off from the world in 19th-century rural Romania, a widow and mother of three must defend what’s left of her family, at any cost, from an old family friend turned enemy. Based on one of the best-known Romanian folk tales (Ion Creanga’s Goat with Three Kids), this film aims to reveal the true nature of the famous bedtime story and treat the audience to a different perspective. Specifically, about what the tragedy looks like, beyond the happy songs and beloved characters.

Romanian horror The Three Billy Goats, in cinemas nationwide from 28 October

Maia Morgenstern and Marius Bodochi star in the new thriller/horror that delves into human psychology and brings an extremely popular story back to the present day from a different angle. Directed by Victor Canache, The Three-legged Goat will be released in cinemas nationwide on 28 October.

“No one has ever screened The Three-Yoked Goat before, though we all know the story. I wish, after seeing the film, viewers would reread it. They might be surprised. The film is not a children’s story, but a suspenseful thriller. Everything you see on screen is also in Creanga’s fairy tale, but it’s very important how you choose to read it. I was lucky enough to have two such great actors – Maia Morgenstern and Marius Bodochi – join me on this adventure and bring iconic characters to life,” said the film’s director, who is making his feature debut with this film.

The screenplay was written by Victor Canache, produced by Luana Georgiță and edited by Victor Canache and Tudor D. Popescu.

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For reference, “The Three-Eyed Goat”, distributed by Transilvania Film, won the Audience Award at the Transilvania International Film Festival in June 2022.

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