The Romanian movie on Netflix that will break all records, available from today, February 1: why to see Mirciulică

Romanian films are in high demand these days, both in cinemas and on Netflix. This is also the case with the local film Mirciulică, as you’ll see below.

If, a few weeks ago, the news was focused on Teambuilding or Romina, VTM, now it’s time to turn our attention to Mirciulică, the Romanian film that, starting today, will be available for viewing on Netflix and has a real chance to break views in two.

“3 times grandma is always right: 1. <<Put something on the saddle because you’re getting pulled by the current.>> 2. <<You know family, you know people.>> 3. Mirciulică, from 1 February on Netflix. No, God help us!” a post on the Netflix streaming platform’s Facebook page read.

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“Mirciulică” is a 2022 Romanian comedy film written and directed by Cristi Ilișuan. The main roles are played by Mircea Bravo, Elena Ivanca and Elena Moldovan.

What other Romanian films you can watch on Netflix

Also on Netflix, during this period, you can watch Weddings, Christenings, Funerals, Teambuilding (as mentioned above), Balance, Completely Unknown, Miami Bici, Baccalaureate, Why Me?, Golden Age Memories (1 and 2), 4 Months 3 Weeks and 2 Days, 5 Minutes, Love Sorry, Unlucky, Hawaii, Was it or wasn’t it?, The Eastern Affair, Mo, One Step Behind the Seraphim, Once and Forever, Camp, Bucharest Nonstop, Between the Lines, Selfie 69, Unidentified, Baccalaureate, Last Morning, Live, Selfie, Silent Wedding, Aferim!, Dogs, Soldiers Story of Ferentari, Child’s Position, Moromenții 2, The Secret of Happiness, After Hills, Between Torment and Amen, Tuesday After Christmas, Sickly Ties, Marița, Charleston, Near Me, The Bear, Breaking News, 69 on the Richter Scale, About Snails and People or Kira Kiralina, among many others.

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Basically, the offer, as far as Romanian films are concerned, is extremely rich on this streaming giant, Netflix having, perhaps, the most generous offer in terms of films made in our country.

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