The rare item Apple employees receive after 10 years with the company

After completing ten years with the company, Apple employees receive a trophy, which includes the company logo.

A few years ago, the design of the item was changed. Now, the trophy is made from the same aluminium as Apple products (6000 series). More specifically, the aluminium resulting from the construction of cases for iPhones, iPads or Macs is gathered, melted and cast back into this shape. They probably have a lot of material left over from factories in India, where 50% of iPhone cases are rejected in quality control.

In the center, the object has a stainless steel logo and the number 10 is engraved on the side. In the past, the trophy was made of crystal.

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The award was presented by YouTube channel DongleBookPro, which features rare products and Apple-branded prototypes.

According to the presenter, this is “one of the rarest Apple products on Earth”.

Included in the box the 10-year employee receives is a card signed, apparently in person, by Tim Cook. Also inside is a paper with text explaining how the award was made.

DongleBookPro reports that there are versions of the trophy for employees who turn 20 and 30 with the company.

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Photo credit: video capture (YouTube / DongleBookPro)

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