The moment a smart robot passes through the police perimeter

An autonomous food-delivering robot drove through the perimeter of a crime scene, much to the surprise of police officers on the scene.

The incident, filmed by a journalist from local TV station KNBC in Los Angeles, California, has gone viral. The robot, who goes by the name “Connie”, didn’t know how to interpret the yellow tape that appeared in front of her, so she went on her way after a person jokingly picked her up.

Officers set up a perimeter after gunfire was reported at a high school, Hollywood High School. Fortunately, the incident turned out to be false.

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Food delivery robots are commonplace in Los Angeles. We don’t know which company owns Connie. The incident was also captured from another angle:

Errare “automaton” est?

It is said that error is human (Latin: “Errare humanum est”). The same can apparently be said of robots. Unusual incidents have happened recently with vehicles controlled by artificial intelligence. A group of autonomous cars behaved strangely in San Francisco. The cars gathered at a city intersection, parked and blocked traffic for several hours.

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At the same time, a Tesla Model 3 electric car ran over a “pedestrian” during a demonstration in China.

The incident occurred during a test drive in which the vehicle’s automatic braking system was being demonstrated to media representatives. Instead of stopping when a dummy was passed on a pedestrian crossing, the car hit him head-on.

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