The Luvly O is an EV built for a compact, urban lifestyle –

Electric vehicles are significantly better for the environment than internal combustion engine vehicles, but EVs still face the challenges that many gasoline and diesel cars face by being made from materials that are sourced and manufactured with usually a fairly large environmental impact. Swedish company Luvly wants to turn that approach on its head with its flat-pack EV, the O.

This lightweight car is built with sustainability at the forefront, and while it does not claim to make no contribution to emissions, it is built and sourced from materials specifically chosen for their lower environmental impact.

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To add to this, the car has a simple flat-pack construction style that allows people to easily assemble it and get replacement parts from nearby micro-manufactories, further reducing emissions.

The car runs on a 6 kWh battery that promises a range of 100 km and a top speed of 90 km/h, all on top of 267 liters of trunk space. And although it is only a two-seater, this means that the car weighs less than 400 kg. With all this in mind, Luvly’s O starts selling for €10,000.

Would you consider an EV like the O?

The Luvly O is an EV built for a compact, urban lifestyle

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