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The Crown of Wu is the latest release from Red Mountain Studio and has appeared under the Playstation Talent label. The studio Red Mountain Studio is a small indie developer who have been working on The Crown of Wu for the past few years. Now the game was finally released last month and you can read our findings or the game below. Check out the review soon below:

The game is a retelling of the Chinese story Journey to the West. The story puts you in the shoes of the character Sun Wukong who wakes up in a futuristic world and must go up against robots and other magical enemies. You must defeat these enemies to save your master and the kingdom. The game takes its inspiration from the old story and this works very well.

Unfortunately, the battles in the game are not very well done. If you look at what is on the market now in terms of Souls-like games, The Crown of Wu is one of the least in terms of combat in the genre. As you progress through the game you also receive more and more powers from the elements namely: earth, water, wind and fire. You can use these elements in both puzzles and battles. Unfortunately, the battles feel a bit uninspiring.

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Fortunately, the puzzles are a lot better developed than the battles. The game lasts about 6 hours and in those 6 hours you will have to do a lot of fighting and puzzling. The puzzles is where the game excels. You are often led astray and then you have to let the elements do their work.

What the game also does well are the boss fights. The boss fights are definitely not easy and you really have to think carefully about how to beat them. You will also often die in these fights and it is not a punishment at all if you do see later and know how to go about defeating the boss then. This is very nicely done.

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The Crown of Wu has all the makings of a good platform fighting game but unfortunately falls short in these areas. The unnecessary platform sections and weak combat unfortunately make the game not as good as I had hoped. The game certainly does have its charm as I enjoyed playing the game but in my opinion a little more time could have been spent on it to make this a better game.


The Crown of Wu is a fun game to pick up as a snack but definitely not at full price. The game has a kind of Souls-like gameplay that could have been better developed. The addition of the elements and good puzzles then thankfully still help the game to be better. Unfortunately, the combat and platform sections make it a lesser game and that is how the game is referred to as a platform/action game.

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