The battle for social media supremacy heats up: what new feature TikTok is launching

Facebook and Instagram are busy cloning TikTok in their own apps like Reels, but a new feature launching now on TikTok will change the way Meta apps work.

TikTok has confirmed to TechCrunch that it is launching a new sharing feature that will allow users to publish their TikTok Stories to social networks Facebook and Instagram.

The feature has only recently started rolling out to TikTok users, the company said, so you may not yet see the option in your own app.

The move could give TikTok content increased visibility on Meta platforms, as the tech giant has worked to reduce TikTok videos recirculated in Reels. Specifically, Meta has advised its creators that it will prioritize original Reels content on Instagram and Facebook.

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Reposting TikTok stories, however, could be a new way for TikTok creators to share their work with fans on other social networks – without having to compete for attention with Reels.

A useful feature

Now this sharing option will include a row of popular social apps, as well as an option to copy a link to the video, according to images provided by and confirmed by TikTok.

The new row includes quick-tap options to share to Reddit, Facebook, Instagram and Instagram Stories (as opposed to Instagram Feed). To be clear, this does not include the ability to cross-post to Facebook Reels or Instagram Reels. And again, this is about sharing TikTok Stories, not TikTok videos. Stories can consist of either static images or videos, just like on other social platforms.

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The new feature could be a way for a creator who primarily posts on TikTok to reach followers who more often use other popular social networking apps, with little extra effort on their part.

TikTok has not confirmed when the feature will be fully implemented into its global user base.

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