The actress who was expelled from school and ironically launched herself with a “zero grade in behaviour”: Gina Patrichi became a grade ten artist

Beautiful, elegant and talented, actress Gina Patrichi made her mark on the country’s theatre scenes, but also on Romanian cinema for decades.

If you’re a fan of Romanian films from before the Revolution, you’ll certainly remember Gina Patrichi from Moromeții, Fram, Nemuritorii or even Bariera.

Gina Patrichi – archive image

Gina Patrichi was expelled from the “I.L. Caragiale” Theatre Institute

Gina Patrichi was born on 8 March 1936 in Bucharest. She is known for her work in theatre, film and radio. She collaborated for many years with Romanian Television.

She attended the “I.L. Caragiale” Theatre Institute in the capital, despite the fact that she had not completed her high school studies at that time.

However, after three years of college, Gina Patrichi was expelled in 1955 for reasons related to her discipline.

Even so, this did not stop her from pursuing her career, and she was soon hired by the Fani Tardini Theatre in Galați, where she debuted in the show Nota zero la purtare, an almost ironic title, considering the actress’s career at the I.L. Caragiale Theatre Institute.

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The experience of being expelled from film and theatre school proved, in time, to be beneficial to her, although it saddened her terribly at first.

On the system, “a kick is a step forward”, Gina Patrichi did her best to perfect her technique, so that from the rebellious girl in college she turned into a true professional and perfectionist.

She performed at the Dramatic Theatre in Galați until 1964, when she was invited to join the Bulandra Theatre in Bucharest, directed by the director, actor and set designer Liviu Ciulei.

At Bulandra, she made her debut on January 29, 1964, in the play Jocul de-a vacanța, by Mihail Sebastian, under the direction of Valeriu Moisescu.

That was when her career became truly successful.

Along the way, he had the opportunity to collaborate with directors such as Lucian Pintilie, Vlad Mugur, Radu Penciulescu and Andrei Șerban, also having an extremely good collegial relationship with Ion Caramitru.

His name will be forever linked to Clipe de vie, D-ale carnavalului, Elisabeta I, Victimele datoriei, Puricele în oreille, Azilul de nuit, Hedda Gabler, Interviu, Amintiri, Dimineață perdută, Hamlet, and many others.

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As for cinema, Patrichi made his debut in 1964, alongside Victor Rebengiuc, in the feature film directed by Liviu Ciulei, based on the well-known novel written by Liviu Rebreanu, The Hanged Man’s Forest.

Gina Patrichi with Radu Beligan (left) and Amza Pellea (right)

How Gina Patrichi “made her future husband fall in love” with a story about a rose and a rose girl

As for her personal life, Gina Patrichi was married to the lawyer Victor Anagnoste (1928 – 2011) from 1959 until the artist’s untimely death at just 58. Anagnoste was known, at the time, as one of the best lawyers of his time.

The couple’s marriage produced a daughter, named Oana, who was born on April 15, 1966.

According to what is known, the love story between Gina Patrichi and Victor Anagnoste began after the actress told the latter a story. Obviously, it was the story that marked the beginning of a stable and loving relationship.

“I know a story about flowers. One morning, a rosebush sprouted next to a rosebush. They looked at each other for a long time. The strong sun opened their petals, turning them into two beautiful flowers. The rose told her: Our life is short. I look at you and am enchanted by your beauty and fragrance. Give me a chance to love you! All right – consented the rose – let’s call a bee”, this is the story with which the actress made the lawyer fall in love with her.

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