Telegram gets no-number sign-in, auto-delete feature and other new features

Telegram now allows user accounts to be accessed without entering a phone number, with the developer heralding “a new era of privacy” for users of the messaging platform.

This allows Telegram users to control who can see their phone number and whether others can find them by number. “Today, privacy enters a new era,” with users able to use anonymous numbers based on blockchain technology to access Telegram without a SIM card. Interestingly, user account registration still requires a phone number to be associated. But afterwards, you’ll be able to log in using the “alias” generated using Fragment’s partner technology, with the real one remaining anonymised using blockchain technology. For example, if you reconnect using an insecure network, the interception of the anonymised code will not allow association with your real identity. And since the rest of your communications are protected using end-to-end encryption technologies, the anonymity provided is virtually complete.

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Another new feature for Telegram users is the Auto-Delete All Chats option. Once checked, the setting ensures that the history is “cleared” of conversations older than the specified time interval. In addition to the selectable options of one day, one week or one month, users can set any expiration interval they want. It also allows you to manually tick the contacts you want to apply this rule to, keeping the usual conversations, such as with family members, in the history.

Another new feature is Topics 2.0, with Telegram allowing administrators of groups with more than 100 members to organize conversations into discussion topics. Channels organised in this way have a two-column structure, with quick access to available discussion topics. In the current format, administrators can set up to 5 discussion topics at the top of the list. Each topic can also have several pinned posts for increased visibility, a structure reminiscent of the old discussion forums hosted online.

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Another new feature is the “Aggressive Anti-Spam” function. Available as a tickable setting for managed Telegram groups, this is an automated algorithm-based system that promises to block spam posts. Group administrators will also have the option to report false positives for erroneously blocked messages.

The list of new features continues with a function for generating temporary QR codes, which you can send to people who want to contact you, without revealing personally-identifiable details such as your username or phone number.

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