Teamwork takes center stage in Offworld Industries’ Squad 6.0 update – That’s Gaming

Offworld Industries is pleased to announce that Update 6.0, the latest set of enhancements to their popular 50v50 military FPS Squad, is now available to all players worldwide. The latest collection of additions and improvements to the popular shooter brings one of the most substantial updates to date: a complete overhaul of infantry combat, implemented to enable the most fun, immersive and authentic infantry combat experience possible. This revamped combat dynamic places a greater emphasis on teamwork, increasing the need for cooperative tactics to claim victory over your opponents, and generating more meaningful trade-offs between different factions, weapons and optics.

The overall goal of the combat overhaul is to strengthen the core Squad gameplay experience, while ensuring accessibility for both new and existing players and mitigating the steep learning curve of the game’s combat mechanics. Some of these improvements include:

  • Suppression has received a complete rework. We aim to bring suppression to the forefront as a useful tactical tool for both attack and defense in any firefight. Suppression reduces a player’s combat effectiveness by obscuring the player’s vision and reducing his ability to aim, encouraging him to reposition himself to gain a better tactical base. This increases the need to work as a team and reduces the likelihood of one player dominating a match. In addition, more powerful weapons create a longer-lasting suppression effect.
  • Picture-in-Picture (or PiP) scopes have been added to the game, so when aiming through an enlarged scope, only the area within the scope is zoomed in, with the field of view for different optics following reality measurements in most cases.
  • Gunplay has been tweaked to create more fun, team-oriented infantry combat, and the ability for a single player to influence the outcome of a firefight has been softened, so that effective communication and teamwork must overcome individual hunters in most cases.
  • Players in a poor position relative to the enemy are more likely to be wounded and less likely to be killed, giving them meaningful opportunities to react to incoming fire and adjust strategy in real time.
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Other features include custom player movement, encouraging more deliberate and team-oriented positioning, and the addition of proximity indicators to keep an eye on your fellow soldiers. Update 6.0 also introduces brand new battlefield weapon skins, the first in a planned series of weapon skin packs that will allow players to customize their gear.

With Update 6.0, the entire infantry combat has been upgraded and reworked from the ground up, marking the biggest change to Squad’s essential gameplay since the title was first released.

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