Talentall lands with a bang to dominate the digital entertainment industry

Last year, the gaming sector had a turnover of 2,380M euros2,380M, well above the turnover of the film and music industries combined. Therefore, it is not surprising that the League of Legends Worlds 2023 finalswhich took place on November 19, became the first live broadcast of the Worlds 2023 League of Legends most watched live broadcast in history competitive MOBA from RiotGames, with more than 6M simultaneous viewers from around the world.

And it is a fact that digital entertainment is becoming the tool par excellence for connecting with the Generation ZGeneration Z, so eagerly awaited by brands and with a very different language from previous generations. In this context Talentall, a Spanish agency and consulting firm created by prestigious professionals in the sector, to take entertainment to the highest level..

The company, which has just raised a investment round of 200 thousand euros, is formed by a diverse and multidisciplinary team that perfectly understands an extremely changing and complex sector: digital entertainment.

The gamingthe esports or understand and know the new content creators are key factors for brands to position themselves among the new generations, although to do so, they need experts in the ecosystem to advise them correctly to understand which channels they should use and in which language they should address the public. In addition, among its current projects is an agreement for the development and launch of an Artificial Intelligence tool together with an important company from MIT in Boston..

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Pablo Canosawho was responsible for sponsorship of the Atlético de Madrid and responsible for revenues in two of the leading Esports clubs (TeamHeretics and Giants), it is co-founder and CEO of Talentall. Sergio Nuñez, co-founder of the agency and head of operations.has more than 10 years of experience in the entertainment sector in companies such as El Corte Inglés, ESL and, together with Canosa, in TeamHeretics and Giants. Nuñez has first-hand knowledge of the different players, both in software and consumer products, competitions, events, clubs and content creators. Finally, the third co-founder of Talentall is Julio Huélamo Gracia, who will be responsible for the legal department bringing more than 8 years of experience in several firms, highlighting EJASO and leading venture capital and M&A transactions with renowned clients in the digital entertainment sector.

Throughout my career I have worked with major brands, clubs, leagues, platforms and content creators. Digital entertainment is an ecosystem that the three founders of Talentall understand perfectly, it is part of our daily life on a personal level. In this sense, we work not only on what we know, share and understand, but also on what we live, consume and enjoy.. We are loyal to our clients and we get personally involved in every project down to the last detail. Our passion for digital entertainment is what motivated us to embark on this adventure, where we will help brands to truly connect with new audiences..

Pablo Canosa, co-founder and CEO of Talentall

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