Sword Dueling VR game ‘Broken Edge’ expands with pirate-themed update – That’s Gaming

Fast Travel Games and developer TREBUCHET today released the second free content update for the multiplayer VR swordfighting game Broken Edge. The update introduces the fearsome pirate, her themed arena and the multi-blades feature, allowing for competitive battles on the high seas. Broken Edge is available on Meta Quest Store and Steam.

The Pirate is a ruthless fighter who can use five different weapons, including the cutlass, rapier, kriegsmesser, boarding axe and knife. The pirate ship serves as its thematic arena, where players can observe a mysterious skull-shaped island while engaging in intense duels.

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The update also introduces the multi-blade feature, which allows aspiring sword masters to unlock different weapons and equip one of the game’s iconic fighters. Multi-blade includes Main Blade, Legendary Blade and Legacy Blade variants.

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