Suspected Platypus hackers arrested by French police

The National Police proceeded to thearrest from two individuals suspected of being behind the hacking from Platypus Financea DeFi protocol attacked earlier this month.

In mid-February, the decentralized finance protocol Platypus Finance lost nearly 10 million dollars through a flash-loan attackprovoking in addition a depeg from its USP stablecoin.

Only 2 weeks later, the French authorities have announced that they have arrested two people suspected of being behind the hack. On Friday, the sub-directorate of the fight against cybercrime has indeed indicated to have proceeded to theinterpellation of two suspected piratesreports Le Monde.

Christophe Durand, deputy director of theOCLCTICexplained that several cryptocurrency exchange platforms, including Binance, had alerted the agency to suspicious fund transfers.

The suspects, two brothers living in the Paris area, were brought to justice. One is being prosecuted for swindle and bleaching and the other for concealment of fraud.

While a significant portion of the stolen cryptocurrencies had been lost or frozenincluding by Tether, we learn that the authorities have seized 210 000 euros of tokens. Of the 8.5 million dollars stolen, the thieves had managed to recover only about 270,000 euros.

The National Police arrested and summoned 2 suspects who allegedly exploited our platform. Thanks to the help of Binance and Zachxbt in finding their identities. Bravo to the quick action of the authorities!”, tweeted Platypus.

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