Super Mario Bros. Wonder – Guide to earning all medals

Although our Complete Guide to Worlds, Levels and Secret Exits tells you how to get all the Wonder Seeds in the game, by now you’ve realized that’s not enough to complete Super Mario Bros. Wonder 100%. To do so, you must earn six medals that prove your worth as the Flower Kingdom’s greatest plumber, and these medals in turn depend on collecting a number of other things.

If there is an annoying gap in your SMBW title screen, read on to see what you still need to collect to get all the medals in the game (although your order may be different)…

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Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Medal 1: For collecting all the Royal Seeds

In short, it’s when you defeat Bowser Flower Castle in his rock lair in the Petal Archipelago. To access it, you must first have used six Royal Seeds to eliminate each of the Piranha Clouds protecting the bad guy, and each is obtained by completing the six worlds surrounding the Archipelago.

In other words, when you watch (and play) the credits after dancing to the heavy metal beat of “Final Battle! Bowser in Concert,” you get your first medal.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Medal 2: For obtaining all 10 Flower Coins

You may have already noticed that in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, just like in the New! Super Mario Bros. series, each level hides three special coins, in this case three large purple coins with a number 10 on them. They’re called Flower Coins, there are some pretty tough ones, and if you get them all, you get another medal.

Please note that this prize is mainly limited to all Flower Coins from the seven surface worlds; you don’t need to get all the Special World Flower Coins because you can’t get them all yet.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Medal 3: For reaching the flagpole in all levels

As in other Mario games, jumping to the top of the pole at the end of each level is rewarded. If you do this on every land level in the Flower Kingdom, you will receive another gold medal.

Again, you don’t have to mark every level in the Special World because it’s basically impossible because of the game’s unlock sequence.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Medal 4: For finding all the Wonder Seeds

You must see the green check mark ✓ in all levels and worlds, as explained in the guide for obtaining all seeds.

As with the flags, however, the game cheats you a bit here, because you always have one seed left to complete the total of 225, the last one in the Special World.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Medal 5: For obtaining all Standees

Standees are signs to display expressions in local multiplayer and online multiplayer for other players. There are 12 for each character. Therefore, they make a total of 144 Standees.

So how do you get all the Standees? During your trip, you’ve seen that every Poplin Shop sells random Standees (Surprise Standees for 10 Flower Coins) and you can often get repeats. You can spend a few Poplin Coins this way to collect them, but our recommendation is that you invest in Wonder Seeds and Item Badges in these stores because towards the end of the game, in the Special World, you’ll find the Standees Shop, which at 30 Poplin Coins a unit, guarantees you a surprise character panel, literally, “one you don’t have yet.” It’s like when you complete a sticker collection by asking the publisher about the ones you’re missing.

That way you can complete your collection and get the medal. And in case you don’t have them all, these are the characters and their poses and transformations (and not just the color changes in the Toads and Yoshis, but also the gesture and drawing)!

Characters: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, yellow toad, blue toad, Toadette, green Yoshi, red Yoshi, yellow Yoshi, light blue Yoshi, Caco Gazapo.

Stances: Jump, Swim, Defeat, Defeat, Run, Jump, Goomba, Crouch, Pose, On a Cloud, Jump Bomb, Balloon, Demolish.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder
There are 12 characters and each has 12 panels with different poses or Wonder Effects.

Medal 6: For earning all badges

Now yes, there’s no point in looking at the worlds below: if you want all 24 badges in the game (the challenge badges, the ones you get from the Poplin or the ones you buy in their stores), including that last missing Pro Badge, you must first get all the flagpoles, 10 Flower Coins and Wonder Seeds from both the Seven Earth Worlds and the Special World, and that means overcoming your biggest nightmare: completing the Final-Final Test Badge Marathon, the hardest level in the game.

To unlock the Ultra-Final Marathon: Badges on Trial, you must first get all the other Wonder Seeds in the game, so make sure you have the ✓ check mark on all levels and worlds (and thus have earned our Medal 4).

So how to beat the Final-Final Test? Ha, my friend. You can pray for a miracle, train hard…. It will probably take you several hours or days, but if you want it not to be so, so relentless, we suggest you try a little with Yoshi. Because he’s invincible and can take a beating? Well, the same goes for Nabbit, but Yoshi has some additional advantages. Besides, being invincible doesn’t do you much good if, when the fire “chorizos” arrive, the blow knocks you into the void. The good thing about Yoshi is that he can also flap his wings (although he only does that once in this game) and even use his tongue to reach for coins. As if that wasn’t enough, in the last part of the level, when you go with the Expert Invisibility Badge, when Yoshi flaps his effort drops, giving you an extra visual clue. If you want to see how we did it, play this video:

Once you complete the Final-Final Test, provided you did so with all three 10 Flower Coins and by touching the flagpole (sounds crazy, but the last one is tricky too), the secret path opens up to the “Wonder!” -booth, where the Talking Flowers are waiting to thank you for the experience and give you the final Pro Badge: A Cappella. We won’t tell you what it does when you equip it, so as not to spoil it for you …

Super Mario Bros. Wonder

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