Super Mario Bros. Wonder – A guide to finding Captain Toad and reaching the special world

If you’ve already reviewed our complete guide to worlds, courses and hidden exits in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, you may be thinking: okay, now I know what to do on each level and where the Wonder Seeds are, but what about Captain Toad’s hiding places? Or, how do I get to a particular world’s Special World?

For these additional mysteries, we’ve written this new guide to the secrets of the gamemap. Strap on your backpack, adjust the lamp of your helmet and start humming the signature song of the most adventurous Toad around….

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Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Captain Toad in World 1: Pipe-Rock Plateau (3 places)

To find Captain Toad very early in your adventure, you need to find one of the trickiest hidden exits in the whole game (because it can easily go unnoticed). We’re talking about W1 – “Piranha Plants on Parade.” This opens a new road to the south, where a green warp pipe awaits you. The captain will greet and reward you from the other side, a purple pipe on the skull-shaped rock on Deep Magma Bog (World 6).

The second encounter with Captain Toad is still triggered from W1. Specifically on the north side of the middle part of the map, in that rocky, brown area. You can press A to enter a hidden warp pipe northeast of Badge Challenge: Parachute Cap I. The captain will share a privileged view of Fluff-Puff Peaks (World 2) with you as you exit the yellow pipe.

The third hideout can be reached from an area simultaneously hidden in World 1 when you head south from the fork just before the first Palace. Enter the green pipe and push into the underground zone A to the upper right corner from “Angry Spikes and Sinkin’ Pipes.” When you exit the purple wrapper pipe, the captain will give you a taste of what World 6 has in store for you.

Captain Toad in World 4: Sunbaked Desert (2 places)

One of the peculiar mechanisms in this area are those three prominent pavers with a lighting question mark that act as switches to open the stone gate in the middle of the map. When you step on it, the passage opens and after a Break Time and a course, you can reach the end and press A to enter a golden pipe to Shining Falls (World 3). There Captain Toad is waiting for you on the other side of the golden falls.

To find Captain Toad again from W4, take the left path from “Secrets of Shova Mansion” and then circle around the block to press A. You will emerge from a green pipe surrounded by purple smoke, which means the captain will treat you to an exclusive look at Fungi Mines (W5).

How to unlock the Special World in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

The most interesting thing about this bonus world is that, even if it’s post-game content and something you don’t have to beat to see the credits roll, you can warp to it from any standard world in the Flower Kingdom, and so it’s possible that you may have jumped in a different order, or you may not have found the exit of a particular world yet.

Warp to the special world of W1: Pipe-Rock Plateau

Access to Special World from World 1 is found at the top of the plateau, in that roof-shaped, grass-covered formation that looks so obvious on the general map of the kingdom. To reach it, you must first find “Bulrush Express” secret exit, which is quite easy if you hold your Elephant suit against the end of the level, to tackle the blatantly placed brick wall.

Warp to the special world of W2: Fluff-Puff Peaks

If you want to jump to the Special World from W2, you must take the path east from the second open area in the cloudy world, above “Pole Block Passage.” Complete the level and the expert badge challenge to reach a higher cloud that takes you to the bonus world in the sky.

Warp to the special world of W3: Shining Falls

In the World of Trials, entering the Special World is not about putting your skills to the test, but about your perseverance. To open the path, enter the Royal Seed Mansion once again. Master Poplin, who previously offered you a shortcut back to Petal Isles to the east, will now follow to the west.

Warp to the special world of W4: Sunbaked Desert

Logically, you will find a greater number of mirage and illusions here, both on the map and in the lanes, because it is a desert, after all. Access to Special World from here is also very interesting because it simultaneously solves the mystery of the hidden exit of “Secrets of Shova Mansion.” Or, in other words, how can I survive the Bowser statue they push against me?

Stay calm and listen, it happened to us too, and it’s just horrifying to die multiple times by being slammed against the wall. So stop trying to sneak under the statue with the Drill, or jumping over it with badges, because it’s just impossible. What you have to do, and the hint was given by the talking flower, is to push the right wall yourself!

From there you can use the stairs, and after a course and an expert badge challenge you reach the sky.

Warp to the special world of W5: Fungi Mines

As in World 3, it’s not about finding a hidden exit, but about insisting. If you enter “Operation Poplin Rescue” a second time, the four friends will thank your kind assistance by digging out an alternative path, this time west of the exit to Petal Isles.

Warp to the special world of W6: Deep Magma Bog

If you think of this map as a three-story underground expedition, the entrance to the Special World is on the left side of the deepest and hottest basement. This means that if you complete the courses and challenges of “Wavy Ride through the Magma Tube,” you will eventually land on the platform in the sky.

Warp to the special world from Central hub world: Petal Isles

When you have made the circle around Bowser in this hub-world, after leaving the volcano, you return to the starting point where you came from W1, only that you now get a new shortcut to the Special World.

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